Andrew and Jenn Webb, husband-and-wife team and owners of Bindle Coffee, shared with me an idea that they had late one night after a fun phone conversation with a friend: "What if we bought a Japanese fire truck and turned it into a rolling coffee shop?" One thing led to another - within ten minutes, they had a whole concept. "We'll sell only drip coffee and cinnamon rolls and we'll call the truck 'Stop Drip & Roll'!" Needless to say, I was intrigued - but I wasn't surprised! These guys are constantly coming up with amazing ideas.

They needed a brand identity that would be recognizable as a sister of Bindle Coffee, their thriving flagship coffee shop and bakery - but also one that would have its own personality. So I got to work and created fun, cheeky, vintage-inspired branding for Stop Drip & Roll.

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Photo by Jason Menon

Photo by Jason Menon

Photo by Jason Menon