Hi, I'm Ella!

I create lovely, engaging brands

and effective websites for

businesses and individuals -

and I have fun doing it.

I went to school and got a BS in Human Dimensions
of Natural Resources. Three quarters of the way through school, I got married to my college sweetheart, who encouraged me to run with a school capstone project that I loved and start a branding business. A couple of years later, I can't imagine loving anything else so much. 
KAT Website Mockups ABOUT ME-13.png
And here's my why: I have so much fun collaborating with people
who are stepping out to grab life by the collar and do the thing!!
My responsibility is to empower individuals and small businesses through
strategic, captivating brand identities and websites that will foster a more
authentic connection with their audiences.
To be able to help cultivate something so special is
truly a privilege that I will never tire of experiencing.